Feel Young. Feel Like Dancing

Feel Young, Feel Like Dancing

One of the most basic uses would be to place the pipe on the ground/floor and secure it there from moving.  Follow instructions under How-To section inhttp://www.MyOwnWaterPipe.com or go directly to the page below.

Your feet will receive an unusual, but very powerful deep tissue massage and a reflexology treatment at the same time.  Ten minutes of this after a long day at work, and you feel like going dancing.  Tired feet, the aches and sore spots are gone, and your whole body is energized, like you are a brand new person who just woke from a restful sleep. By the way, you will fall asleep fast and sleep like a baby. All I want in return is your honest comments from your experience.

How to build your own water pipe 

Buy a 4-foot-long, ¾” galvanized steel water pipe. Attach it on top of two wooded blocks, about 3” above the floor. I would use three per side of 2-hole pipestrap ceiling support (see picture of the clamp.) This simple and inexpensive balancing pipe is all you need. It will work for many years.


1.     Clean the entire water pipe with rubbing alcohol a few times, as it is dirty when you get it from the store.

2.     Wrap a medium-heavy jute twine over the entire length of the pipe. Leave about 1-2 finger empty space between the loops. When wrapping keep, the string tight. As you reach the end, return the way you came in and lay another layer of loops on tope of the ones you just made. This will create diamond-shaped patterns in the wrapping.

3.     Secure the ends with hockey tape. (It is a cloth-based tape used to wrap the handles of hockey sticks and baseball bats. If you have a choice, get it white color.)

4.     Next step is messy. Make sure you cover your work area. Take traditional wood glue, like the Titebond or Elmer’s glue, and with a cheap paintbrush, brush the glue all over the pipe and the twine. Apply a thin coat or it will drip a lot and will take longer to dry. The glue will prevent the twine from shifting and also will make the twine a bit coarser to touch.

5.     Dry overnight.

6.     Wrap everything with hockey tape.

7.     Try to step on the pipe with your socks. Depending on the hockey tape you got, it may stick a little to the socks. In this case, with a dry paintbrush lightly spread some cornstarch over the pipe. This should reduce stickiness.

8.     If you contraption is used on top of new and thick carpet or rug, the wooden blocks may wobble side to side. So either build then like the inverted letter U (see pictures on my website of the one I have), or install four protruding legs (about ½” high) on the bottom of the blocks. The legs will reach the stable area under the carpet and keep the entire contraption from wobbling.


While you were reading this article, did you find yourself, in your head, going through the isles of your hardware store? If you nod, I’m glad.

This is a sign. Follow it.

Godspeed to you!

Stay strong and stubborn.


Alexander Nestoiter, author of:

Incredible Ah-ha Moments: Ideas you won’t stop talking about


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