Secret Power of High Heel Shoes

Not wearing high heels when you can, can make you miss out on the higher levels of performance they can help you achieve.

Some shoes can make you sharper, wittier, and more confident; they can improve your posture, bring your chin higher, and shoulders back; they can make you more alert and perceptive; they can make you see, hear, and smell better; they can improve your memory.

This knowledge comes from studying how shoes reach various reflex points on the feet. For our discussion we’ll consider high heel shoes: 4″ with the small heel tips; and closed, pointy front. In them, one or more of the things listed below will happen.

1 High Heels Shoes elevate the body, and stimulate the inner ear (balance/vestibular system.) The tiny point of the heel adds balance challenge, and adds to Vestibular Stimulation in turn, stimulates/improves all your sensory perception and integration: eyes, ears, nose, skin, and proprioceptive sense. This sense controls your posture, position of the body and body parts. With this sense on overdrive, you will have a better feel of your body parts, their location in space, and you will feel better, more confident in that space. With high heel shoes on, it’s like taking some potion that gives you more energy, more confidence, better memory, better speech, more control of yourself, better poise, posture, and makes your moves more elegant.

Vestibular stimulation makes your nervous system more alert & faster while improving your memory, vocabulary, and making pronunciation clearer. Vestibular stimulation helps you think faster, and you deliver your thoughts with more confidence.

In high heel shoes the foot slides down and the toes get pressed against the shoe’s covered and pointed front. The toes house reflex points for the organs in the head: eyes, ears, nose, gums, teeth, and temples.

Have you noticed how much extra attention you pay to your teeth and gums while wearing high heel shoes? You floss and brush before you leave home. At the restaurant you are flossing again. Plus, you also notice any imperfections in the teeth of everyone you meet. Here, the reflex points for your gums and eyes got stimulated, and now you become more sensitive to your gums, and to the gums of others.

When you are wearing high heels shoes, you tend to play with the hair around your temples. You pull it back behind the ear; then you bring it out in front. Your fingers play with the hair before you put it behind the ear again. You just can’t leave that hair alone. Why? The inner side of the nail area of your big toe is connecting with the nail area of the second toe. The place where they connect on the big toe is the home for reflex points for the temples. As your those reflex points get stimulated, they stimulate the temples and the hair that grows there.

The fleshy bottom of the big toe has the reflex points for the pineal gland, and hypothalamus, which coordinates both the autonomic nervous system and the activity of the pituitary, controlling body temperature, thirst, hunger, and other homeostatic systems, and is involved in sleep and emotional activity. The big toe, also houses reflex points for the mastoid, brain, and the pituitary gland, which is the “master gland” of the gland that secrete hormones. It is important in controlling physical growth, development; as well as the functioning of the other glands that secrete hormones. While wearing sneakers, the toes rest on soft insoles and the reflex points in the toes get no stimulation. In high heel shoes the toes rest on hard surface of the leather sole, which presses the reflex points of the toes.

Depending on the size and shape of your toes, and based on how they nestle next to each other in the narrow front of your high heels hoes, you will have sometimes very unique sensations from one shoe to the next. Now you can explain those moments of bliss you get from certain high heel shoes.

In high heels shoes the weight is divided between the heel and the ball of the foot. The heel has the reflex points for the sciatic nerve and pelvis. The pressure on the reflex points in the heel, makes women tighten their stomach, while expanding the chest. The pressure on the reflex point for the sciatic nerve influences the position of the hips, making them more even, level, and steady.

The ball of the foot has the reflex points for: Thyroid (that’s your energy gland), esophagus, trachea, bronchi, thymus gland (your immune system), solar plexus, diaphragm, and lung (that’s oxygen for your energy). This area is doorway to the body’s power plant. In high heel shoes a woman can work faster and better. The diaphragm keeps the breathing even and deep, and her speech, or singing, fuller. The lungs provide her with more oxygen.

Above is a short account of the complex influence of the high heel shoes on the reflex points. Learn about the influence of other types of shoes on the reflex points so you can help your kid in school, your spouse at work; so you can improve relationship in the family, and with friends.

Alexander Nestoiter, author of:
Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Ideas you won’t stop talking about

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