Sipping Hot Cocoa With Your Feet

I often write about the benefits of the Nestoiter Gravity Foot Massager. I say your feet will not hurt, they will be energized, strong, flexible, and happy. But how many people want to admit that they have problems with their feet? Many people will not wear footwear that reveal the foot; others will not remove their shoes even if they have socks on. It is mostly men who are shy about their feet. At least in this country, women, for the most part, are ok to wear sandals, flip-flops, or other footwear that reveals the foot. The majority of women are not shy to take their shoes off in front of sales people, to try on new shoes, to have the feet massaged, or to have a pedicure.

What I’m struggling with is not knowing how to relay the sensation your feet will feel after the deep tissue massage on my device. Let me try this analogy. Pretend that it is winter and you were outside for several hours. After you get home, a cup with hot cocoa was just made for you. As you sip the rich and velvety cocoa, you feel how it spreads inside of you giving you that satisfying warmth. Now imagine dipping your cold feet into a bath filled with the same warm and velvety cocoa. Feel as the skin on your feet and ankles sip the hot and nutritious cocoa. Your foot pains and aches disappear on contact. The warmth of the bath enters you through the feet and fills you. You smell the cocoa aroma, but you also taste it with your now warm feet. It is pure bliss and nothing can compare to this sensation. This is how your feet will feel 15-20 minutes after the massage on the Nestoiter Gravity Foot Massager. Now you know.


Alexander Nestoiter, author of:

Incredible Ah-ha Moments: Ideas you won’t stop talking about

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