Revealing my secret

         As most of you already know, I sell steel water pipes. They are modified and enhanced to do specific functions. I also invented and got a patent on a triangular shape profile that has not one, but three different walking surfaces in one unit.

         The purpose of these contraptions is to elevate the body about three inches above the floor level and serve as a pretend tightrope. All the surfaces that have direct contact with the feet are narrow and rounded to different sizes. This is done for two reasons: a) to be challenging during balance training; and b) to get deep inside the muscle tissues to reach reflexology points and to provide deep-tissue foot massage.

         As you can see it is in my interest to make people believe that only my product can deliver the benefits it delivers. In reality, there are plenty of substitutes. To treat their sore feet U.S. Marines use strong round pill containers when they have no access to my products. The pill bottles will not help you with balance training, but they can help to get deep inside the muscle tissue to relieve pain in the tired feet.

         For a while I kept a secret how you can get balance training without any equipment at all. I mean, it is you, the floor, and your socks. That’s it. I invented this stance recently when I wanted to do some balance training but had nothing to do it with. Then I remembered the anatomy of the foot…

         Well, it goes like this. Stand with your heels together and feet apart, at least 90 degrees angle. While keeping your left foot in place, make a big step with your right foot forward. Now your feet are in letter J position.

         Face forward. Now, with your left foot, keep the heel on the ground and raise the foot as high as you can on the heel. With your right foot, keep the heel on the ground and raise the right foot as high as you can on the heel. You need to keep your weight on your heels only.

         Because the heel bones are oval, it will present a challenge to your balance. Holding your balance with the feet so far apart and keeping your weight on the heels is challenging, it’s like doing it on a tightrope.

         If you need balance training and have no equipment, this stance will do the job. It provides you with the same highly challenging balance conditions as the water pipe, or the tightrope. See my articles on balance training to learn what benefits you can get from such training.

         Now you know. I have no more secrets from you. The water pipe contraptions add convenience and fun, but for the plain-vanilla balance training the stance on your heels will do the job. It worked for me and a few other people I taught the stance.

         I welcome your comments, good, bad, but keep them honest and cordial.


Alexander Nestoiter, author of:

Incredible Ah-ha moments: Ideas you won’t stop talking about

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