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Did you know THESE details about Country-Western?


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Q:  Did you realize that cowboy-style footwear is both designed and made almost identical for men and women?

A:  Apart from the sizes, colors, and design elements, this is 100% true.


Now why is this important to you and me?

 I believe that our footwear holds influence over us—much more than we give it credit. Using cowboy boots, I will attempt to demonstrate that footwear influences human behavior on a level most of us can hardly fathom.

To verify this, observe the behavior of the men and women who wear this footwear.

For a long time now I have found the Country-Western style infinitely intriguing. Only recently I have begun to understand why. The most intriguing part is how similar male and female entertainers perform and behave on and off stage.

I will not get into the technical details about the how or why here as I did in my book.

Consider the similarity of the song’s content. In the Country-Western music genre:


  • Male singers appear similarly in touch with their feelings and emotions, as do the female singers. They both sing about being infatuated and tormented by their desires for love, understanding, passion, being close, and for fulfilling one another. They sing about their sorrow, about lamenting, about missing each other, about the void they feel when they are apart.


  • We have the unmistakable similarity in melodic tone, rhythm, and harmonic qualities of the music, for male and female performers.


  • The male and female artists display the unmistakable similarities in the frequent reference to sensory perception, like sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, and intuition.


  • The male and female artists show the unmistakable similarity in their attire and the performing style on the stage. From greetings, to final bows, from body language, to facial expressions to footwork, their performance is almost identical. What they wear is similar: the jeans, the belt buckles, the shirts, the neckties, the hats, not to mention the boots and the shoes. The footwear is only different when it comes to sizes and ornamental details. The design and construction is virtually identical, and with it, their behavior on and off the stage is virtually identical.


Now, let’s consider how men and women who wear cowboy boots behave off stage.


Do you think it’s a mere coincidence for different people with similar taste for footwear to display such similar behavior, like greeting of one another?


Do you think it’s a mere coincidence how passionately they express themselves; how emphatic their statements are; how they spit, cuss, and curse; how proudly they carry themselves; how well-groomed they are, from top to bottom; and how polite and proper they are, when they want to be?


Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that women who wear cowboy boots usually know what they want, and are not afraid to ask for it, without hints?


Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that women who wear cowboy boots have “no nonsense” / “take no bullshit” attitude about the world?


While feminine and ladylike, women are also boisterous, adventurous, and assertive. They work on cars, ride horses, eat hearty meals, cuss, drink beer, and fist fight when it’s called for. They are sharp-minded, quick-witted, articulate, and decisive. They love control and predictability. They keep their promises, and drive big American trucks. (Doesn’t it sound like I’m describing your typical behavior of the American cowBOY?)


Now think of men who wear cowboy boots.

While masculine, men are also considerate, diplomatic, sensitive, and perceptive.


Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that men who wear cowboy boots are well groomed and nicely dressed, especially when you compare them to men who never wear cowboy boots. They speak with appropriate sensitivity and respect toward another person. Notice how these men charm women with their sensual and romantic songs? And how well in-touch they are with their own feelings and emotions?


Do you think it’s a mere coincidence for men and women who wear similar cowboy boots to display habits and behaviors with minor gender differences?


Do you find it inconceivable to even think that some footwear, of all things, has the capacity to prescribe, predetermine, and impose all those things that usually make individuals so unique?


Do you find it bizarre to even think that some footwear can determine, prescribe, and impose those qualities that make men and women behave so similar to one another, it’s disturbing?


  • What would you call the power that can turn one’s meekness into assertiveness and then back to meekness?


  • What would you call the power that can turn one’s cautiousness into carelessness and indifference, only to switch it back to high regard?


  • What would you call the power that can turn one’s anxiety into indifference and then turn it back to anxiety?

  • What would you call the power that can swing one’s behavior between masculine and feminine?


  • What would you call the power that can edge one’s apathy to fervor only to return him or her back to apathy?


  • What would you call the power that can roll what is graceful toward what is boisterous? What would you call the power that can roll one’s boisterousness toward gracefulness?


I call it “Shoefluence.”

Shoefluence is made up from combining two words: “shoe” and “influence.”


Do you find it at least a little crazy that some footwear can be responsible for such unorthodox similarities between men and women when they wear similar footwear? Crazy or not, it is what it is. Or, it remains so until we find a better explanation to this phenomenon.

Without detailed explanations and proof, all this is hard to swallow, I know. So, I invite you to take your time and chew on it; make your own observations, and make your own conclusions. And if someone out there can mount a proper study into this issue, I hope they first make a couple of million$ and either prove me wrong and make it known, or prove me right and also make it known.

As you can see, I am staking my reputation on my observations and on my understanding of how the design and materials of footwear influence those who wear them. I hope, in time, we will look shoes not only as decorations to peg on our feet, but also as instruments that can help us do what we do even better.


Alexander Nestoiter, author of

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