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Your role in the bedroom

The following is placed here to remind us to never take our loved ones for granted.

Being mindful of technological competition from the fucking machines. Have you seen what they can do now?

Men, if we don’t learn to give women intimacy with close emotional sensitivity and other such stuff, the machines will render us obsolete. From the standpoint of convenience, availability, reliability, and sheer unstoppable horse-power, the 110/220-volt machines can vibrate, pulsate, rotate, reciprocate, thrust, penetrate, and irrigate longer, more steady, and with adjustable intensity level. From the pure mechanical point of view, the machines are by far superior than ten men put together.

But they are cold-hearted, do not converse, do not cuddle, or snuggle. And if a man is also cold hearted, would not converse, would not cuddle, or snuggle, then what can he do for the woman that machines cannot? Smiles, the eyes, jokes, gifts, attention, praise, close intimate conversations, dreams, children, hugs, and kisses. There is still a lot we can do for our women outside of pure sex mechanics. However, if we rely purely on sex mechanics to win her heart, we will lose to the machines.

Men, do balance training on the water pipe so you can learn to be less rational and logical and more emotional and sensitive when it’s needed. Also, learn what shoes not to wear when you spend time with your significant other. The wrong pair of shoes can play with your attitude, and not in a positive way for the situation.

Women, do balance training on the water pipe so you can learn to be less emotional, less irrational; so you learn to speak your mind clearly and without hints and innuendoes. Learn to be more direct and straight as an arrow. First say what you would normally say. If you don’t see the response you are looking for, tell him straight, spell it out for him, make an analogy he will appreciate. (No rudeness, no bad words, no putting anyone down.) Just be clear and unambiguous in your communication. Personally, I would rather get it straight in my face, than risk missing the point and cause her to become uncomfortable, clam up, and withdrawn.

This is probably the decade of our last warning. If we become extinct, it would be only because of our own arrogance. Technology is a ruthless opponent. Never underestimate your opponent. Never!

(That was my somewhat tongue-in-cheek opinion about the f machines.)


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