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Do you know anyone with a baby or young child?

Do this very selfless activity: read to him, or her, a nice long book over many sittings, over many days.  Create an atmosphere without interruptions, with the book being the main focus point.  Don’t read while the child is eating or is about to fall asleep.  Over time, reading should become a special and treasured time.

Let me explain why I think it’s important.  Here is a logical progression of how we perceive life experiences.  Our memory works by association.  The first memories and experiences during the so-called formative years, are thus formative, for they assemble the form (shape) onto which we will assemble our experiences, understandings, and memories throughout life.

Like sponges, small babies and small children absorb everything they come in contact with.  If we fail to create positive, productive, and healthy first impressions, babies will, without doubt, absorb other experiences they encounter.  The goal is not only to preclude our children from encountering negative associations, we must also provide in abundance positive associations.

Children are depositories for all sorts of associations.  If we fail to provide healthy positive associations, children will fill their reservoirs, to the rim, with whatever is available to them, no matter what it is.  That is why it is imperative to underscore that in addition to precluding children from experiencing negative associations, we must fill their lives, to the rim, with positive associations.

When we place a child for three hours in front of TV or a game port, no matter what’s on TV, or what game is on, we rob that child from three hours of interaction with another child, or playing alone, or affection from parents, for example.

The term spending quality time with children was created for busy moms and dads who could only squeeze into their schedule two hours per week with their child.  Yes, those two hours were filled to the rim with various activities.  This means that the remaining 60 hours were filled, also to the rim, with whatever.  After time, the sheer volume of that “whatever” is going to become everything that the child compares his or her life to.

That, which is provided in abundance, will determine how this child, and later adult, will interpret and interact with his or her life.  What a child receives in abundance becomes that form (shape) onto which the rest of the child’s life will be assembled.

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