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Women and their Shoes

Women and their Shoes


Old Fashion Accessory or

A New Weapon on the Battlefield of Wits:

Corporate, Legal, Accounting, Real Estate, etc. 


Do you need to stay sharp and witty at work, at school or socially?

Without the heels and closed and pointed front, you are missing out on the higher  level of performance.




     Certain shoes have the potential to make you a little sharper, wittier, more confident, and more together.  Certain shoes can improve your posture, bring your chin higher, make you more alert, more sensitive; make you hear a little better, see a little better, smell a little better, and even improve your memory.

           This discussion is about women’s shoes that are three-inch and higher, with the narrow, pointy heels, and closed and pointy front.  When you wear such shoes, at least four things begin to work better.

1.             The narrow and pointy high heels elevate your entire body, and thus influence the organ inside the inner ear that controls balance (vestibular system.)  The higher the heel, the more vestibular stimulation you create. Also, the narrow point of the heel creates additional balance challenge, and adds to vestibular stimulation.  Vestibular stimulation, in turn, has a positive influence on your sensory organs: eyes, ears, nose, skin, and proprioceptive, which controls your posture, position of the body and body parts, like the neck, head, arms, legs, back, chest, and stomach.  You will have a better feel of the space around you, and you will feel better, more confident in that space.

             Vestibular stimulation makes your nervous system more alert, giving you better memory and vocabulary, as well as better and clearer pronunciation.  You think faster, and you deliver your thoughts with more confidence.

2.             Because of the heel, the foot slides forward.  The toes get pressed against the shoe’s covered and pointed front.  If you were to refer to a reflexology chart (see reference below), you will notice that the toes house reflex points for the organs in the head: eyes, ears, nose, teeth, temple.

            Have you noticed how much extra attention you pay to your teeth and gums?  You floss and brush your teeth before you leave home.  Now, at your destination’s restroom, you are flossing again.  You also notice the tiniest imperfections in the teeth of everyone you meet. Right?

             Another example, when you are wearing your high heels, you tend to play with that hair that grows from and around your temples.  You pull it back behind the ear; then you bring it out, and let it hang there in front.  Your fingers play with that hair before you put it behind the ear again.  You just can’t leave it alone.  Why?  Because the inner side of your big toe, the area that runs the length of the big toenail, is pressing against its neighbor toe, and the place where they connect, is the area that is home for the reflex point for the temples.

             The fleshy bottom of the big toe has the reflex points for the pineal gland, and hypothalamus, which coordinates both the autonomic nervous system and the activity of the pituitary, controlling body temperature, thirst, hunger, and other homeostatic systems, and is involved in sleep and emotional activity. That small real estate that we call the big toe, also houses reflex points for the mastoid, brain, and the pituitary gland, which is the “master gland” of all the glands that secrete hormones.

             So, depending on the size and shape of your toes, and based on how they nestle next to each other in that narrow front of the shoe, you will have different, and sometimes very unique sensations from one pair to the next.

             Yes, certain shoes can make you feel exceptional, and you have a tangible explanation to all those moments of bliss.

3.             Because of the unique design of the high heel shoes, the body weight is distributed on the foot between the two large areas: the heel and ball of the foot.  The heel keeps the reflex points for the sciatic nerve and pelvis.  That’s why wearing the heels, women tend to tighten their stomach muscles, thus bringing the belly button higher, and make the entire stomach area flatter, while the chest expands and rises.  The reflex point for the sciatic nerve influences the position of the hips, making them more even, level, and firm.

4.             Now, the ball of the foot has the reflex points for the following: Thyroid (that’s your energy gland), esophagus, trachea, bronchi, thymus gland (your immune system), solar plexus, diaphragm, and lung (that’s oxygen for your energy).  As you can see, this is the power plant.  With added emphasis these organs work better, the diaphragm keeps the breaths more even and deeper, and your speech (or singing) fuller.  The lungs provide you with more oxygen.  The bulging area before the big toe, that’s the reflex area for your thyroid, your energy.

             What I described above is an abbreviated account of the many interesting discoveries inside your feet.  With the high heels on, women tend to eat smaller meal portions.  They tend to go to the restroom more often, and not just to powder.  They tend to not be afraid of the cold as much.  If they come in contact with someone who has a contagious flu, they have a better probability not to get it, while they are wearing the heels.  All these extras come to her because of her new high heel shoes that press on her feet in just the right places.

             Reflexology is 5,000 years old, so we know it has passed the test of time.  There is nothing extraordinary about high heel shoes, except for the new perspective shown here.

             Try to connect the shoes to your emotional environment when and where you will be wearing them.  If you do this, you will have a good, productive day, evening, or nice and relaxing time out.  Don’t worry if your feet will ache.  Occasional neglect is treatable in 10-15 minutes.

             When you put on your heels, it’s like taking some unusual potion that gives you more energy, more confidence, better memory, better speech, more control of yourself, better poise and posture, makes your moves smoother and more elegant, etc., etc.

             Only you can decide how to treat this new the knowledge. Maybe you will get a new pair of nice shoes. Maybe you will decide to get more information about other types of shoes. Decide and go for it.  May your journeys be happy and rewarding.


Alexander Nestoiter, author of:


Incredible Ah-Ha Moments: Ideas you won’t stop talking about


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