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If you die tomorrow, will your ideas, memories, and dreams die with you?

Getting a good life insurance policy is a good thing because it’s designed to provide financial help for the ones you love when you are gone. What no insurance policy provides is the continuity of life of that which you hold so dear: your thoughts, your ideas, your understanding of things, your secretes, your tragedies, your failures, your triumphs, all the things you are proud of, and all the things you are not proud of, your views about the world, your memories, and, of course, your dreams.

It does take some work on your part. But this work is more like a confession, than real work. It allows you remove that weight from your chest. You want to be free of that weight.

The best way (for your soul, for you to heal old wounds) is the longest: record on paper, handwriting (using calligraphy pens) what you hold dear to your heart. Another way is to get a digital voice recorder. As you drive to and from work, record your thoughts, ideas, memories, etc. Don’t try to polish or organize them just yet. Simply keep on recording until you fill the memory. Then transfer everything to a portable hard drive and keep it safely guarded.

When you record several hundred hours, find a company on the Internet (usually based in India) who will transcribe your recordings make computer documents from what you recorded digitally. Compared to an American-based company, those less. Once your recordings are converted from your voice to words on the screen, take a few days, alone, and organize them somewhat on a computer. Don’t try to fix grammatical errors or edit anything at this time.  Keep your recorder handy.

By reviewing and organizing your records, you will recall from memory additional details. Record them at once, before you forget them again. Keep on recording until you begin to repeat yourself often. At that time, organize everything by date and my subject matter. Don’t fuss over the small details. They are not as important as the content that you managed to extract from your memory. Do this by yourself. Don’t ask anyone to proofread it for you, or to give you feedback. This is not to showcase your writing skills. Keep several copies of computer data and at least two copies printed on paper, in different places.

Publish it or hide it in the safe, it’s your business. But when you finish this step, it’s like getting a new lease on life. You will begin to see opportunities in everything; you will become eager again; you will want to go outside and breathe the air. It is liberating. You need to protect the survivability of your personal intellectual capital.

When, in your present, you manage to address the future, the time where you will not be, then and only then, you, at last, can fully be present, in the here and now; at last you will be able to live in the present moment. The weight of the unaccomplished deeds and unsaid words will be no more. It’s big weight off your shoulders. You will walk taller; you will carry your chin higher; you will have lightness and confidence in your step. You will feel like a brand new person.

Enjoy the bliss.

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