For tired, cold, or sweaty feet

For tired, cold, or sweaty feet

Building a foot pillow for you to stand on

         When feet are cold, or damp and cold, it is probably not enough blood is getting to them. It could be because of the footwear that restricts the foot movements and flexing, it could be because of too much sitting.

         Here is how to fix that. Construct a pillowcase, the size of a California King pillow. from two layers of unwashed denim, upholstery, or other very tough fabric. Put a zipper on the side and fill it with large 3-5″ river/pond rocks. In some places they are called Mexican Beach stone. They are rounded and smooth, with the largest being about size of a fist.

         Pack the pillowcase with these rocks tight and walk on it. The irregularity in the surface will make your feet bend and flex, something you cannot do otherwise because indoor and outdoor all walking surfaces are flat and smooth. In addition to letting your foot bend and flex, the rocks will press against the your bare feet under your weight. This pressure will be sufficient to reach deep enough into the muscle tissue and reach the reflexology points that are dispersed throughout the sole of your feet.

         Barefoot or with socks on, step in place or slowly dance to some music. If you do this several times a day, even for 5-10 at a time, your feet will come alive in about a week. Don’t force yourself to do this through pain. Pain, especially sharp pain, must be avoided. You can put 2-3-4 bath towels on top of your pillowcase with rocks to provide more cushioning for your feet, or simply wear two pairs of socks.

         This is a short version of the article about foot care and how to construct a foot pillow with rocks. Read other articles that provide more in-depth information on the subject. If you have question, leave a not, I will respond.

         Do something good for your feet and it will make them happy. In turn your feet will make you happy. Your feet and you are connected on many levels, remember that. When you make your feet happy, you will also be happy. Enjoy and let me know your progress.

Alexander Nestoiter, author of:

Incredible Ah-ha Moments: Ideas you won’t stop talking about


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