Question 10

Let’s talk about memory, more specifically about painful and persistent memories. Some memories, like PTSD, simply refuse to go away, and even with passing of time, they manage to haunt people. These memories remain vivid and fresh as though the events took place yesterday.

Do you happen to have a suggestion how to help people with such painful and persistent memory problems?


            Yes, unfortunately, some people go through terrible life events and memories of these events remain fresh even with passing of time.  Some events people remember vividly no matter what they do.  Some people may experience the same physical and emotional pains in the present, like they did during the original event that may have taken place decades ago.  Severe emotional, mental, or physical trauma, like the trauma after battle, or the trauma after a violent incident, tend to stay fresh in the memory, no matter how much time has passed. Understandably, people are looking for ways to remember, but remember less vividly, so they can move on with their lives.

            I know that the current psychotherapy takes a long time and is often more bothersome than helpful. People go to shrinks who invite them to relive the memory episodes again and again in the hope that one day they will become immune to them.  First of all, people are reluctant to go to a shrink knowing full well what that session will entail.  Second, people are terrified and deeply bothered by their memories. Why anyone would voluntarily go through that experience again and again without a sliver of hope that their repeated suffering will subside?

            That’s just pure madness and torture. That’s the way I see it. Look, would you go to a doctor who will put your foot in a vise until bones start poking through the skin, in the hopes that one day this procedure will be less painful?  People are already suffering, why add more to that pain?

            Psychiatry makes a person overall less sensitive. I don’t know of any pills that would alter the response to the specific memory. You can turn the entire person numb, even indifferent, in order to suppress selected memories. But this will turn a person into a walking numb zombie, incapable of living full and productive life.

            Although this specific subject is not covered in this book, I am getting close to polishing my recommendations on what to do to make some memories less invasive, less stifling, less traumatic in life. If you someone is interested in this subject, let me know. This way, they will be the first to know when something becomes available.

            I don’t want people to have false hope, but at this point, I can tell you with some level of certainty, that the task is doable.  It takes a little time, perhaps several months.  And you may have guessed, it will require the use of the water pipe, or some similar equipment, as the main tool, and a set of techniques that are, for now, my “secret ingredients.”

            I’m looking for volunteers to take what I’ve created for a test drive. Remember, no pills, no therapy talking, no journals, no schedules.  About $20.00 for supplies and several hours for our first meeting. After that, we meet as needed, but mostly the person will learn to deal with his PTSD on his own, at home, or outside, or in his or her office. In a few months, I hope and pray, he or she will move on and have a full and productive life. And should the ugly surface again, the person will know what to do and will have the equipment to do it with, no mater where he or she is.

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